Out and About

Usually on Mondays or Tuesdays, I try to cook something new or make a healthier version of a favorite food.  This week has already gotten away from me, lol.  One thing I discovered in my mad rush to find something quick to eat for lunch yesterday was a new dish at Wawa. (For the readers who do not have a Wawa, it’s a chain of retail convenience stores in 6 states along the east coast.)  Back to my discovery…it’s a Burrito Bowl!


It is offered in 4 varieties and allows customization.  I chose the chicken without the cheese sauce.  Ordered this way, it’s a pretty healthy option packed with protein and plenty of fiber (both from the black beans) and very tasty!  Since I’m trying to lose weight and be more healthy, this was a great find!

Why am I telling you all this?  It’s not because I’m working for Wawa or promoting their product. I’m simply saying that, if you find yourself on the run and needing to pick up something fast, look for healthy options. They’re out there!

Stay tuned…I’m making a delicious baked chicken dish tonight!



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