Family and Time


I sometimes find myself running around like crazy to clean the house and do the wash…now in the middle of that I have a soon to be 2-year-old following me around saying “up mommy up” or should I say more like screaming “UP MOMMY UP!” In the next room I have a 6-year-old just making a complete mess of everything I just cleaned up.  Books, toys, and clothes everywhere.  The 6-year-old has just changed into her 8th outfit of the day. Now she is wearing her workout clothes, in hopes I will be going to the gym soon.

Oh right the gym (CRAP! I yell to myself)…that $55 a month membership I pay to workout and feel better about myself. I have been really trying to make time for myself to go to the gym. So I get dressed and out the door I go. I feel so good after and happy I did.

Then comes the rest of the day of one thing after another. So and so called out of work. There is nothing in the house for dinner need to make a stop. The 6-year-old needs to get to karate. Wait it isn’t Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday…thank goodness I didn’t have a clean uniform for her to wear anyway. Ok get your homework done. Honey I need work clothes for tomorrow. The next thing I know it is midnight and I realize I haven’t showered after the gym.

As I sit there and think about my day, I often wonder how did it all get done, why do we push ourselves to do so much, and why does it matter? I walk in my daughter’s room and it hits me. Them! I give them each a kiss fix their blanket and go to bed. I lay there as I drift off to sleep and think they are the reason why. They are ones that keep me going crazy. They are the reasons everything gets done, why I push myself so much, and why it matters.


Wrapping Wednesday

I have been really working hard to get back to my pre baby self. I would love to get to my before 6 year old self but for right now I am shooting for pre baby.

I have had 3 caesarians and now have the proof to show it. I am not going to lie…I am not a fan my stomach. I love having my girls but I needed to feel better.

I tried so many different diets and workout plans. I started to feel discouraged. After a lot of research I figured out what I needed…It Works. I found Angela and she instantly hooked me up with these great wraps. I started wrapping and noticed a big difference in my skin and my stomach.


Here is little more info about the wraps:

The wraps are ready to go and take just a minute to apply. All you need is saran wrap, an ace bandage or a brace to hold the wrap close to the body- most use saran wrap. The Ultimate Applicator is coated with an all-natural botanical based formula that will tighten tone and firm the skin in 45 minutes with progressive change occurring over the next 72 hours.


How will the wraps help my body?

These wraps are designed to target problem areas including fat, cellulite, varicose veins, and stretch marks and will take inches off of your body from the very first application!


How often can I wrap?

They are safe enough to use every 72 hours (about 3- 4 days apart on the same area).   You see progressive results over 72 hours. The results last up to 6 months if you change nothing in your diet or exercise program.  Changes are permanent, like any diet, with proper nutrition and exercise, so we want you to take care of your new body!  We love how this product not only affects the SIZE of the body, but the repairing of the skin is incredible.  Stretch marks dramatically lighten and loose, stretched skin becomes firm and tight.


How do the wraps work?

The ingredients improve the microcirculation on the area where the body applicator was applied. This is what creates skin tightening, firming and toning. Fat tissue requires a great deal of blood vessels. If we can improve the microcirculation then we can improve the overall health of the area. Finally, they have an anti-inflammatory effect.

You can place the wrap anywhere on your body except the face- we have a special facial applicator which can be used daily as desired. The body wrap can be cut & placed on multiple areas. You can use two wraps at the same time on the body.


How do I apply the wrap?

Open the wrap and lay it against the skin and secure it in place with saran wrap or an ace bandage.

How long do I wear the wrap?

You wear the wrap for a minimum of 45 minutes and up to several hours!!! ****DON’T waste a drop of this lotion however.  Don’t throw away the wrap if any product remains!!! Place it somewhere else, even cutting it and moving it to target more skin. Wipe the lotion remaining on the wrap on another area of the body to maximize.

Here are my person results with just one wrap worn for 45 minutes!


After a few months I decided to join Angela on this adventure and started using some other products and in March became a distributor. I love every product I have used.
If you have any questions comment below!!

Target Cartwheel App

If you know me personally you will know what store I shop at the most! Target is like an oasis for me. Well when I get to go by myself it is. I easily find myself strolling down almost every aisle to see what is new or on sale. But my most favorite part is using my Target Cartwheel App.

What?!? You haven’t heard or you have heard but you might be confused how it works. If this is the case then you need to take a look! There has been 5 million downloads just on the the Google Play Store alone.


Are you worried it is complicated? Are you tired of clipping coupons? Read my tips below and see how easy it is for yourself.


Choose from hundreds of offers from across every category you could possibly think of. New offers are added regularly.


Scan your personalized bar code at checkout.  You can either have this on your phone or you can print it out online and carry it like any other rewards card. I use my phone because while I shop I can see if that product is on there.Screenshot_2016-02-01-22-01-03-1

It really is that easy! Plus who doesn’t feel good when you see how much you can save using this app!

We went over how easy it is to use now let’s go over some tips to help you get the most out of it.

  1. Stack cartwheel with 5% Red Card discount (credit or debit), a manufacture coupon, target coupon, weekly sales, and a rebate offer. You probably have used manufacture coupons, target coupons, and weekly sales before but what are rebate offers. These are apps that allow you to scan bar code and receipt for after purchase rebates. There are so many to check out but my most favorite is Ibotta. I will go over these in another post.
  2. New Cartwheel offers come out on Sunday. What a great time to use the Sunday papers and save more. Now this isn’t a blanket statement. Cartwheel also add some special daily deals so it is smart to check it our daily. For example leading up to Christmas the Cartwheel App had a daily toy deal. This special deal was for one day only and was 50% off! I got so many amazing toys for my girls, nephews, and niece.Screenshot_2016-01-29-14-54-56-1
  3. Built in scanner. There is a built in scanner you can use with your phone camera. While you are shopping and you pick up something that you don’t have a cartwheel for yet, you can scan the bar code and it will search for you. BOOM!! YOU JUST ADDED MORE SAVINGS!
  4. Free Guest Wi-Fi. I like this because I use a lot of data shopping trying to get these deals. Added customer service bonus.
  5. Individual offers can be used up to 4 times per transaction and a bar code can be used up to 6 times per a day.
  6. Check out the collections tab for even hotter deals. In this section of the app you can find deal specific for your needs. For example: working out/living well, groceries, baby, and even one using the weekly circular for that week!


If you have any questions please comment below!! I would also love to know what your tips might be!