Target Cartwheel App

If you know me personally you will know what store I shop at the most! Target is like an oasis for me. Well when I get to go by myself it is. I easily find myself strolling down almost every aisle to see what is new or on sale. But my most favorite part is using my Target Cartwheel App.

What?!? You haven’t heard or you have heard but you might be confused how it works. If this is the case then you need to take a look! There has been 5 million downloads just on the the Google Play Store alone.


Are you worried it is complicated? Are you tired of clipping coupons? Read my tips below and see how easy it is for yourself.


Choose from hundreds of offers from across every category you could possibly think of. New offers are added regularly.


Scan your personalized bar code at checkout.  You can either have this on your phone or you can print it out online and carry it like any other rewards card. I use my phone because while I shop I can see if that product is on there.Screenshot_2016-02-01-22-01-03-1

It really is that easy! Plus who doesn’t feel good when you see how much you can save using this app!

We went over how easy it is to use now let’s go over some tips to help you get the most out of it.

  1. Stack cartwheel with 5% Red Card discount (credit or debit), a manufacture coupon, target coupon, weekly sales, and a rebate offer. You probably have used manufacture coupons, target coupons, and weekly sales before but what are rebate offers. These are apps that allow you to scan bar code and receipt for after purchase rebates. There are so many to check out but my most favorite is Ibotta. I will go over these in another post.
  2. New Cartwheel offers come out on Sunday. What a great time to use the Sunday papers and save more. Now this isn’t a blanket statement. Cartwheel also add some special daily deals so it is smart to check it our daily. For example leading up to Christmas the Cartwheel App had a daily toy deal. This special deal was for one day only and was 50% off! I got so many amazing toys for my girls, nephews, and niece.Screenshot_2016-01-29-14-54-56-1
  3. Built in scanner. There is a built in scanner you can use with your phone camera. While you are shopping and you pick up something that you don’t have a cartwheel for yet, you can scan the bar code and it will search for you. BOOM!! YOU JUST ADDED MORE SAVINGS!
  4. Free Guest Wi-Fi. I like this because I use a lot of data shopping trying to get these deals. Added customer service bonus.
  5. Individual offers can be used up to 4 times per transaction and a bar code can be used up to 6 times per a day.
  6. Check out the collections tab for even hotter deals. In this section of the app you can find deal specific for your needs. For example: working out/living well, groceries, baby, and even one using the weekly circular for that week!


If you have any questions please comment below!! I would also love to know what your tips might be!